A1800920 – Pork Chop’s 1:18th 1940 Alky Hauler Gasser

A1800920 - Pork Chop's 1:18th 1940 Alky Hauler Gasser


Price: $249.95


It had been a long time passed since Sonny had seen his Uncle Elmer and he wuz shore glad to have him back in Pine Sap. After vittles they set on the back porch with a couple of jars of shine and Sonny was right curious about PC’s start up in running shine. Uncle Elmer began, “First thang you gotta know is that times wuz hard here and your daddy was hell bent on making money to take care of ya’ll.”
Model Features:
Opening Doors, Removable Cowl
Pose-able Steering
Blown Hemi Drag Engine
Fully Detailed Interior with Roll Bar
Detailed Chassis
Diecast Weathered Metal Body
Serialised Plate
Limited Production: 750 Models World Wide
ETA:January 2022
Taking Pre-Orders

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