A1801857 – 1969 Hubert Platt Ford Drag Team “Georgia Shaker” 1:18th Ford Mustang SOHC

A1801857 - 1969 Hubert Platt Ford Drag Team "Georgia Shaker" 1:18th Ford Mustang SOHC


Price: $239.95


Driver Hubert Platt was on top of the drag racing world in 1969. Known for his on-track showmanship and cars lettered with his “Georgia Shaker” nickname, Platt had risen through the ranks, hitting the big-time in 1962 as a Chevrolet Z-11 teammate with “Dyno” Don Nicholson before going professional with a Ford Thunderbolt in 1964. That attracted Ford’s attention, and in 1966 he landed a factory ride in a Holman-Moody built long-nose Mustang followed by a ’67 427 Fairlane in the Super Stock class. In late 1968 when Ford decided to promote its drag racing clubs, not to mention the new Muscle Parts program, they brought in the popular Platt as part of a six-car Ford Drag Team.
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ETA: Fourth Quarter 2022
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