AW323 – 1962 “Arnie Beswick’s” “PASSIONATE PONCHOS” 1:18th Pontiac Catalina Hardtop

1962 "Arnie Beswick's" "PASSIONATE PONCHOS" 1:18th Pontiac Catalina Hardtop1962 "Arnie Beswick's" "PASSIONATE PONCHOS" 1:18th Pontiac Catalina Hardtop

AW323 – 1962 “Arnie Beswick’s” “PASSIONATE PONCHOS” 1:18th Pontiac Catalina Hardtop


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One of “Arnie Beswick’s” “PASSIONATE PONCHOS”. Sponsored by Seltzer Pontiac.
421 4-speed, opening hood, doors & trunk, detailed wired & plumbed engine compartment, detailed interior, trunk & undercarriage…great looking graphics.

Arnie Beswick and his famous Passionate Poncho-1962 Pontiac Ventura 421 Super Duty
This 1962 Pontiac Catalina hardtop was a barely legal factory equipped 421 SD powered car made for the strip right down to radio delete. This is Arnie Beswick’s “Mr B’s Passionate Poncho ll” and his mods a classic for that era and still looks like something any gear head could do in his garage. Nothing fancy with steel wheels shod skinny in the front and fat Hoosier slicks in the rear. The hood has 74 hand stamped louvers on the hood for cooling. As was the philosophy of traction enhancement in ’62, the front end was jacked up to put more weight in the rear, but the battery stayed in the engine bay. One of my friends mimicked this set up when he bought an early black ’65 Biscayne tudor poster that was one of the few that came off the line with the 409 that a few more units later was replaced with the 396. For weight distribution, he he went a bit further and removed the front bumper and grill leaving just the quad headlamps gleaming within a black maw… coolest and baddest looking beast in the neighbourhood.

Legends of The Quarter Mile
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