DDA203 – 1973 Mad Max Nightrider MFP 1:24th HQ Holden Monaro




The 1973 HQ Monaro was described as the “Pursuit Special” in it’s most famous Australian Film Franchise Mad Max.
Although the only real external indication of it being a Main Force Patrol car is the “MFP” logo on the lower rear quarter panels of the car
And the faint very same logo outline painted on the boot.
With the in-car blue siren and lights with the standard MFP radio.
“The Nightrider” was a member of Toecutter’s merciless motorcycle gang.
Who destroyed the Monaro as result of an accident with a rolled over semi on a high speed pursuit by Mad Max.
Diecast 1:24th Scale Model Car by DDA
Opening Doors
Limited Edition Model

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