A1801851 – 1965 Dyno Don Harvey Ford 1:18th Ford Mustang A/FX

A1801851 - 1965 Dyno Don Harvey Ford 1:18th Ford Mustang A/FX


Price: $239.95


Ford dealers had a lot to celebrate in 1965 on and off the track. On the quarter-mile, the A/FX 427 Mustangs won big in national events which helped Ford win the NHRA’s Manufacturers Award for the second year in a row. In AHRA’s World Championship Series, Ford took seven of nine Eliminator brackets! One of the drivers responsible for this success was the famous drag racing pioneer, “Dyno” Don Nicholson! “Dyno Don” earned this nickname after he was one of the first drivers to use a chassis dynamo meter on his cars in the late 1950s. Don would continue his drag racing career through the 50s and then started racing for Ford as a factory driver in the early 60s. He built and raced several A/FX Ford and Mercury cars throughout his career. He was such an innovator and competitor during this “Golden Age” of drag racing that most fans and rivals regard his accomplishments as a cornerstone for drag racing as we know it today. So, without further ado, we are pleased to present this beautiful Harvey Ford sponsored 1965 Ford Mustang A/FX that “Dyno Don” drove in several events and match races. This A/FX is finished in a stunning gold metallic paint with Harvey Ford being finished in reflective gold on the sides of the car.
Model Features:
Finished In Acapulco Blue – White Top
Opening Doors, Trunk & Lift Off Hood
Pose-able Steering
Folding Front Seats
Roll Cage
Plumbed & Wired Engine
Drag Wheels & Tyres
Serialised Plate
Limited Edition: 750 Models World Wide
ETA: March 2022
Taking Pre-Orders

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