A1801914 – 1970 Dodge D-300 “The Mongoose” 1:18th Ramp Truck

1970 Dodge D-300 "The Mongoose" 1:18th Ramp Truck1970 Dodge D-300 "The Mongoose" 1:18th Ramp Truck

A1801914 – 1970 Dodge D-300 “The Mongoose” 1:18th Ramp Truck


Price: $279.95


In nature, the snake and mongoose are the deadliest of enemies—genetically encoded to eternally fight to the death without mercy.
Beginning in the 1960’s, the nature of that dynamic was strategically and expertly applied to the historic rivalry between Don Prudhomme and Tom McEwen in the most unlikely of venues—a “minor” sport struggling for attention on dusty drag-racing strips at tracks across the country.
There, Prudhomme, the Snake, and McEwen, the Mongoose, did, in fact, compete aggressively for dominance in the nascent sport
These 1:18th scale ramp trucks come loaded with some great features:
Sealed diecast body
Pose-able steering
Fully detailed interior
Adjustable wheel chocks on the bed so that you can fit virtually any 1:18th scale car model on the bed
Slide out ramps
Detailed chassis
Dual rear wheels
Rubber tyres
Cab lights
Tow mirrors
Storage compartment detailing on the bed and much more
ETA: First Quarter 2023
Taking Pre-Orders

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